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Relieves daily pains and troubles, reduces stress



Improves blood and lymphatic circulation, stimulates the immune system




Regulates sleep, homeostasis abilities and promotes physical recovery


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    My practice is located in Lannion (near the municipalities of Trébeurden, Pleumeur-Bodou, Trégastel, Perros-Guirec, Saint-Quay-Perros, Louannec, Rospez, Ploulec'h, Ploubezre and Ploumilliau), and I also work near Morlaix in Saint-Thégonnec in a shared practice (near the towns of Guiclan, Pleyber-Christ and Landivisiau)

    Most common questions about reflexology

    Frequently Asked Questions


    What is foot reflexology ?

    The reflexologist applies a foot massage technique that aims to activate the self-regulating abilities of the body.


    What are its benefits?

    They are multiple:

    • Improves blood and lymphatic circulation
    • Relieves daily pains and troubles
    • Regulates sleep and reduces stress
    • Stimulates the immune system
    • Promotes physical recovery
    • Regulates the body’s homeostasis abilities


    What are its contraindications?

    • People with phlebitis
    • Pregnant women under 3 months

    Foot reflexology

    Treatment details

    Problem Analysis


    Each treatment is preceded by an anamnesis performed by your reflexologist (taking information on the origins and circumstances of the appearance of your pains).



    Installation in the practice chair and preparation for the treatment.



    The foot reflexology treatment itself begins, approximately one hour.



    Tea break at the end of the session to hydrate the body.

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    Working hours

    Monday to Friday
    08:30 – 19:30
    08:30 – 19:30
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    Some mutual funds reimburse the sessions, ask your insurer


    What my patients think


    I particularly like the quality of the touch, firm but sweet at the same time, the communicative calm, the listening and the benevolence of Manon. I went back several times because the work that proposes Manon is not only physical but also therapeutic. My shoulder pains disappeared and my flexibility returned. I highly recommend !
    Manon Chambaraud is a true professional in her field and pays a lot of attention to the well being of her patients. I tested and appreciated the effects of reducing stress and boosting energy on me. I recommend it!
    An excellent reflexologist! With her sessions, I was able to improve my lower back pain and also reduce my painful periods. She gives us a very good energy!
    Thank you to Manon for this first session, because I really appreciated her welcome, her kindness and her professionalism from the beginning to the end of this meeting. I felt a deep well-being, I felt confident, and I will not hesitate to recommend it to my entourage! I will come back with pleasure.
    Véronique J.
    Marie-Claude G.
    Ylessa Stephanie O.
    José M.