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29620 Plouégat-Guerand

My practice is located in Kerhalon, 29620 Plouégat-Guérand.

Leaving the village by the road to Plestin, you take the first right in front of the water reserves. At the end of the road you turn right and it is the fourth house, always on your right.

I also work every Monday at the shared practice “La Boîte à Aider” located at 3 Place de la Mairie, 29410 Saint-Thégonnec.


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    My practice is located between Lannion and Morlaix, close to Plouegat-Guérand, Trémel, Plestin-les-Grèves, Saint-Michel-En-Grève, Locquirec, Lanmeur, Ploumilliau, Plouigneau, Guerlesquin, Plougasnou and Plouaret.